Der Übersetzerstreit
Dann wird dieses Land andere Literaturverlage bekommen!

von Hannes Hintermaier)

Friß oder stirb" (Schermer-Rauwolf)
"Bis 32 Euro ..."  (Deutschlandfunk)
Übersetzer und Verlage kämpfen ...
(Berliner Literaturkritik)


"Dossier Germania: i traduttori letterari tedeschi sul piede di guerra",  di Anna Carbone e Marina Pugliano

Rückgang der
um 28,6%:
eine Katastrophe!

Arm trotz Arbeit!



anglais moderne

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    In our multicultural and globalized world, we often forget that the “understanding of cultures,” especially at the linguistic level, can depend on many variables. This means that translating from one language into another should not be seen as the transfer of linguistic signs based on dictionaries, terminology databases, and grammatical rules; rather, there are many interdependent factors that form the basis of translation. We will call them the “inventory of translational actions.” They can be used for acting in fictional virtual cultural spaces or cognitive spaces, respectively.

    While up to the present there have been two contrary positions opposing each other in the academic debate over translation – on the one hand the universal philosophy, which, believing in a humanism that transcends national borders, sees translation fundamentally as a contribution toward creating a single language common to all; and on the other hand, the romanticism of Schleiermacher’s theory, among others, which conceives of translation as a reciprocal cross-pollination of cultures through recognition of their respective, immutable uniqueness – we will discuss the activity of translating here as a special category of “communicative acts” in virtual cognitive worlds, and one that implies cultural transfer.

    On these Web pages, we will try to analyze and evaluate the mainstream of translation studies on a scientific/theoretical level, as well as providing the stimulus for new thoughts in an interdisciplinary, cognitive perspective.

    In addition, current updates from translation studies and its tangential fields can be found here.

    Helmuth Sagawe

    (translated by Dr. John Stewart)

    "The Science of Sciences" (in German) "Theory of Science and Translational Actions" (in German)


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